League Rules

In league play you will play 2 out of 3 games.  The first two games are to 25 rally scoring, and the last one is to 15 rally scoring. All games are win by two points.

  • Your rotation must be male/female alternating.  This means you cannot have two men in rotation beside each other.
  • You cannot have more male than female players on the court.  You can play with more females than males.  If you have only 5 players, 3 of them need to be female or it’ll be a forfeit.  Even if you have 5 original players and three of them are men, you’ll have to pick up another girl.
  • Girl Rule – If there are three contacts-ball touches on your side of the net, a girl has to have one of them.
  • Once the ball has entered the other court it is considered out.  For the safety of all players do not attempt to play the ball in the other court.
  • The entire net is out of play, any touch of the net is a side-out. If you are in the net call it yourself.  The same goes for carrying and lifting the ball.  It is on an honor system.  If the other team suggests you were in the net or carried the ball and you didn’t notice, then you probably were.  It would then be a side out/point for the other team. This call should be brought to your captain and the captain from each team should be the ones to decide the call made.  If you cannot seem to come to an agreement then replay the serve.  If you are not sure what we mean by these penalties, then see one of the directors and we will explain them to you.
  • It is your job as a captain to report your scores to the director after every game.  Just email them to  This will seat you for the tournament at the end of regular league play.
  • Final roster changes need to be made two weeks before the tournament begins.  You have to play with your rostered players for the tournament, no substitutes.
  • All players and subs must sign a waiver before playing. If you have a player that has not signed the league waiver please see one of the directors before start of play to get a waiver for them to sign.

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